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Courtney Shull
So Co Face and Body Works Owner and Instructor

As a passionate and highly experienced professional in the field of permanent makeup, Courtney has dedicated 7+ years to honing her craft and sharing her expertise with others. With a commitment to excellence and a deep love for the art of enhancing natural beauty, Courtney has become a trusted name in the world of permanent makeup education.

Courtney Shull holds certification as a Microblading Artist from PHI Brow. Driven by her commitment to boosting the confidence of her clients, She takes great pride in delivering exceptional outcomes and revealing the innate beauty in each individual. Having initially trained at the Permanent Cosmetic Training Center of Northern California, her enthusiasm led her to pursue advanced instruction through PHI. This led to the attainment of her PHI certification, as well as 12 other advanced training accolades. 

Courtney's teaching philosophy centers on empowerment through education. She firmly believes that knowledge is the key to success in the world of permanent makeup. Through hands-on training, personalized guidance, and a commitment to the highest standards of safety and artistry, Courtney equips her students with the skills and confidence needed to excel in the field, which is why she offers this hybrid course. You can learn at your own pace and once you've completed the course you will get to come into So. Co. Face and Body Works to get hands on training with Courtney. 

As the Owner and Instructor of So. Co. Face and Body Works, Courtney continues to shape the future of the permanent makeup industry through education and mentorship. With a passion for excellence, a dedication to her students' success, and a deep respect for the art of permanent makeup, Courtney is a trusted figure in the field, leaving a lasting impact on both their students and the clients she serves.

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